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More miniatures

Painting on china box.

web painted china box.jpg  

More miniatures

web christmas roses 2005.jpg

"Christmas Roses" Watercolour miniature, 3.25in x 2.75in.

web Bowl of Tulips bigger.jpg

"Bowl of Tulips" watercolour on alumina, 3in x 2.5in

web Tunnel End Mini.jpg

"Tunnel End, Marsden". Watercolour miniature on polymin. 3in x 2.25in

web flowers in a glass bowl.jpg

"Flowers in a Glass Bowl" Watercolour miniature on Polymin, 3" x 2.25"

web poppy garden.jpg

"Poppy Garden" Watercolour miniature on Alumina, 3" x 2.25" (Alumina is a very thin, smooth ceramic base)

web bird wren.jpg

"Wren" Watercolour on paper, 4" x 3", one of a series of four commissions.

web tea in the garden.jpg

"Tea in the Garden" Watercolour on Alumina, 3" x 2.25"

web morning frost.jpg

"Morning Frost" Watercolour on Polymin, 3.25" x 2.25"

The Weem, Aberfeldby.jpg

"The Weem, Aberfeldy" Watercolour, painted a few years ago for the then proprietors.

web fruit cocktail.jpg

"Fruit Cocktail" Watercolour on Polymin, 3" x 2.5"

I was commissioned to paint a series of small paintings depicting a house in each of the four seasons...

web house spring.jpg


web house summer.jpg


web house autumn.jpg



web house winter.jpg


web lerryn estuary 2.75 in sq.jpg

"Lerryn Estuary" Oil on canvas, 2.5" square. When we visit Wells to see the Hilliard Exhibition we usually take a few days in Cornwall, and stay at the Ship Inn, Lerryn. It's a very tranquil location, with some lovely walks.

web lerryn boats.jpg

"Boats at Lerryn" Oil on canvas, 2.5" square.